Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my sincerest hope that neither you nor anyone you love ever suffer a catastrophic injury. Unfortunately, however, statistics show us that about 800 people will acquire traumatic brain injuries in auto accidents each day this year. This in and of itself can be staggering, but the bigger surprise is how poorly states have done at addressing the needs of these accident victims. Every other system, in every state other than Michigan, leaves accident victims neglected and eventually leads to bankruptcy. This includes the new coverage under the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance, and all other automobile insurance systems. Between strict improvement thresholds, visitation limits, and high deductibles or copays, all of these models leave accident victims with less than what they need. Unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States and almost 80% of the people who filed bankruptcy for this reason had health insurance at the time of their injury. It is my belief that the suffering from catastrophic automobile accidents due to a lack of resources for medical treatment and rehabilitation services cannot be tolerated in our civil society.

The useless suffering can be ameliorated by the adoption of the Michigan model for no-fault automobile insurance. This model provides unlimited medical benefits for life for the care, recovery, and rehabilitation of injuries sustained in automobile accidents. These extensive benefits are paid for in large part by a reinsurance model that is funded by drivers for drivers, and the average policy is $1,100 compared to the national average of $900. The catastrophic claims fund has grown over the 40 years of its existence and now has $20 billion. The only way to get people the services they need is to open funding pathways. For only slightly more than the national average, Michigan’s drivers have the most valuable policy in the United States. Not only do accident victims get better benefits but they are also kept off of Medicaid, which is incredibly inept at serving them. Many Medicaid recipients end up inappropriately placed in nursing homes or psychiatric hospitals. Some TBI survivors with behavior problems actually end up going to jail, or eventually sustain additional injuries because they are not appropriately treated in a proper brain injury program. Also, Medicaid is breaking the bank on most state budgets and the Michigan model offers relief.

The reception to this concept has been very positive so far. Accident victims, their families, their medical providers, and even their elected officials are seeing the benefits of adopting Michigan’s unique no-fault automobile insurance system.

If you share my passion for creating change and my compassion for those who are suffering from the double hit of injury and bankruptcy, please help manifest this model in your state by joining our organization, sharing your story, and even signing a petition or educating your elected officials. We have placed a variety of informative resources on our website and encourage you to spend some time with them.

I am wishing you all the very best: good health, productive work, and a purpose filled life.

John Gwynne Prosser II

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