You may be a car accident away from bankruptcy.

Catastrophic auto accidents can happen in an instant and change your life forever. Michigan has the best model for giving accident victims the medical products and services they need, while preventing them from suffering bankruptcy due to medical bills, which is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

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  1. Risks drivers don’t even know they’re taking
    About 800 traumatic brain injuries and 24 spinal cord injuries occur each day as a result of auto accidents. The treatment and recovery from these injuries can be extremely expensive; one million people file bankruptcy due to medical bills each year.
  2. What makes Michigan drivers’ insurance policy the most valuable in the US?
    For only slightly more than the national average, drivers receive access to unlimited personal injury protection benefits.
  3. Michigan delivers the best care in the country
    Michigan has some of the best rehabilitation facilities in the world. These facilities have created thousands of jobs, and people from other states and countries have even moved to Michigan just to receive treatment.
  4. Health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and other forms of auto insurance all leave accident victims neglected
    Between visitation limits and strict improvement requirements for rehabilitation, these systems are unable to properly serve the needs of catastrophic accident victims. More than 75% of the people who file medical bankruptcy had health insurance at the time of their injury
  5. Medicaid is breaking the budget in every state
    The Michigan model keeps auto accident victims out of Medicaid, saving our state hundreds of millions of dollars annually.
  6. Beware an insurance offer to “save you a few dollars”
    Policy holders should know how the savings will affect their coverage; insurers may be putting them in harm’s way.


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