Governor William G. Milliken accepting Founders award for work with Michigan No Fault Insurance

April 9, 2011

Dear friends:

It is with great appreciation that I accept The Brain Injury Association of Michigan’s Legacy Society Founders’ Award. I regret that I cannot be there in person, but I am most humbled that the BIAMI would bestow this award upon me. It is a great honor to know that no-fault benefits have assisted so many citizens in Michigan on their road to recovery after a devastating accident, because of the legislation we created nearly four decades ago.

Allow me to take a moment to highlight some of the achievements of the legislation that we can be most proud of. In 1973, Michigan faced multiple pressures to reform its automobile insurance system, We responded to these pressures by creating the Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Insurance Act.

The premise was to:

  1. ensure that those injured in an automobile crash received all reasonably necessary medical care for their life-time
  2. minimize the need for litigation as a result of automobile crashes
  3. ensure that a fair and equitable insurance premium would be paid for such coverage

Many states have followed Michigan’s lead in creating similar auto no-fault insurance laws; however, Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Insurance Act has always been revered as the ultimate standard.

It is my opinion that this has truly been good public policy for Michigan residents. Seriously injured persons are provided optimal medical care that enables them to achieve maximum recovery, including the possibility of returning to work and becoming taxpayers again. Under this legislation, injured parties and families have the lifetime medical coverage needed so that they can avoid the threat of bankruptcy due to medical costs and/or the shifting of these costs to the state’s Medicaid program.

Additionally, a cutting edge brain injury rehabilitation industry has been created, providing thousands of new jobs and enhancing the communities where they operate. Michigan has become a brain injury rehabilitation center of excellence which has allowed our citizens to return to their communities. All of this is truly our legacy to share.

With Appreciation,

Governor William G. Milliken

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