John Gwynne Prosser II letter to New Florida Governor Rick Scott

Dear Governor Scott,

Congratulations on your election! I believe you will be a remarkable leader and I am enthusiastic for your success toward manifesting jobs for Floridians.

I am writing to you today to bring to your attention our efforts to help Floridians and create tens of thousands of jobs as a direct result of our success in manifesting a solution for the persistent epidemics of brain injuries and bankruptcies due to medical bills.

Please visit our website www.neurotraumaassociation.com and view the Public Service Announcement by the Author of “Tuesdays with Morrie” Mr. Mitch Albom where Mitch explains “The Family you save may be your own”.

Please read my Passion for Compassion letter a copy of which I have sent with this letter and which is also posted at our website. Please read our letter of support from State Representative Joseph Abruzzo. The Neuro Trauma Association of Florida believes we can manifest this Solution in Florida.

Did I mention this Solution will create tens of thousands of jobs in the Health Care Services arena? It will also prevent bankruptcies due to medical bills. It will save Florida billions in Medicaid costs. Most importantly it will provide comprehensive and compassionate care for people with catastrophic injuries due to automobile accidents including brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. This Model is proven and successful in Michigan for 37 years.

Why does Florida have a No-Fault Automobile Insurance scheme with only a $10,000.00 medical benefit when Michigan’s benefit is unlimited and insurance companies have an obligation up to the first $500,000.00 and then the Michigan Catastrophic Claim Fund covers the persistent need thereafter? The MCCA has $12.7 billion in assets and is funded entirely by drivers for drivers. The Michigan insurance companies are very profitable and Michigan’s Citizens receive the very best care in the world. No-Fault Insurance was created to reduce tort claims which choke the system and certainly do not give Citizens the Health Care that they need in States like Florida.

If you or someone you love suffered a catastrophic injury what would you want? Home Modifications, persistent and aggressive therapies, 24 hour in home Nursing Care, electric wheelchairs, wheelchair adapted vans, CARF accredited rehabilitation facilities (Michigan has 144, Florida has 3), and all other reasonably necessary services for the care recovery and rehabilitation of your injuries including all hospitalization, medications and Physician visits or $10,000.00 of medical care and then bankruptcy, and then Medicaid where benefits are slim? Are you aware that Florida has tens of thousands of incapacitated automobile accidents every year? How many billions of dollars are spent by Medicaid on these Citizens who receive meager benefits at best and have lost all hope for any kind of real quality of life post their accident? Those Medicaid costs are breaking the bank.

I realize you will be inundated with correspondence and suggestions for how to create jobs in your great State and yet I can think of nothing that can simultaneously satisfy so many needs and create tens of thousands of jobs.

Please call upon me where you desire elaboration and explanation, my focus is on ameliorating the suffering of so many with a proven and successful model that can be adopted by Florida. I am wishing you great success in your role as Governor of the great state of Florida and I look forward to any opportunity to be of service to you.

Very Truly Yours,
John Gwynne Prosser II
Neuro Trauma Association of Florida

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