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Quality Care Means People Can Focus on Living Instead of Surviving

Andy Zimmer | January 22, 2016

One of the things that always made me laugh to myself when I was out running errands, meeting up in public with friends, or just cruising around in the community doing everyday activities was when strangers would approach me to tell me “how inspiring” I was or how great it was to "see me out"...

Quality of Life

Brian Woodward | December 1, 2014

In November of 1983, I was involved in a single vehicle accident. That night my life was changed in a split second. It is not something that you plan.

After my accident, I was lying in the intensive care unit while my parents were frantically trying to gather money and reorganize their ...

Danny Kassab

Ziad Kassab | September 22, 2014

My brother was struck by a car at age 7 while crossing the street. The accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. Dependent on a power wheelchair for mobility and a ventilator to breath life was hard for young Danny. When he came home from a 4 month hospital stay he required 24/7 nursing at ...

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