Danny Kassab

Posted by Ziad Kassab on September 22, 2014

My brother was struck by a car at age 7 while crossing the street. The accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. Dependent on a power wheelchair for mobility and a ventilator to breath life was hard for young Danny. When he came home from a 4 month hospital stay he required 24/7 nursing at home as well as tons of therapies, other rehabilitation programs and a ridiculous amount of medical equipment.

Without Michigan's Auto No-Fault my brother would not have lived the good life he did. He was one of the longest living quadriplegics in the state of Michigan surviving 16 years post injury which is very rare for someone with such a high level injury. The docs gave him less than one year.

I am sure now if this accident had happened in any other state he would not have had the quality of life he did.

We miss him now so much that he is gone but fight on behalf of him and all others with disabilities in Michigan to protect them.

God Bless the Neuro Trauma Association for there hard work on behalf of others. I hope to be an echo of there already loud voice.

Ziad Kassab
Danny's Brother


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