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When the state of Michigan set up its unique auto insurance system in 1973, they probably didn’t know it would become the gold standard for insurance in all of the United States. People around the country continue to lack access to essential medical care that could dramatically improve their quality of life. They are filing for bankruptcy due to their unpaid medical bills; meanwhile their medical providers are struggling to make ends meet with perpetually dwindling reimbursements. Michigan has a successful model for insurance that solves these problems while creating thousands of jobs and saving billions in Medicaid costs, with a $20 billion fund to prove it.

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The auto no-fault system has served Michiganders well for more than 40 years. It provides for a level of care that is unattainable in other states… As state governments continue to seek out the best practices across the nation, policymakers would do well to take note of the shining example that is Michigan auto no-fault insurance.

Susan Connors, President of the Brain Injury Association of America

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