Wall Street Journal, Letter to the Editors April 2011 Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and Bankruptcy due to automobile accidents are Silent Epidemics in America. What if it was you?

“The Solution for Brain Injuries and Bankruptcies” A free video located at http:// neurotraumaassociation.com (NTA).

While at the site please view the Public Service Announcement by International Best Selling Author of “Have a little Faith” Mr. Mitch Albom. Read the letter, “Passion for Compassion” from the President of the NTA, and read “The Educated Consumers Guide to No-Fault Automobile Insurance” (Author House). The Solution will provide injured Citizens and their Families the resources they need including aggressive and persistent rehabilitation therapies, 24 hour in home Nursing care, home modifications, Case Management Services, electric wheelchairs, adapted Vans, and virtually every other reasonably necessary service and/or product.

The Solution will prevent the double insult of bankruptcy due to medical bills helping providers like Hospitals and Physicians to get paid for their services, and keeping families out of harms way from financial disaster.

The Solution will save State Governments billions in Medicaid costs that are breaking State Budgets across America and growing at 8% annually. This Solution will stop the cost shift by profitable insurance companies, who might consider the benefits that this Model would bring to their insured’s in those other States.

Consider that Florida spends $22 billion on Medicaid; California spends $35 billion, New York spends $50 Billion! The catastrophically injured people suffer and do not get what they need. The Citizens in Michigan get aggressive and persistent therapies when they need them, they get any reasonably necessary service or product prescribed by a Doctor. ANY REASONABLY NECESSARY SERVICE OR PRODUCT!!!

The Solution will create tens of thousands of jobs in healthcare service professions including front line caregivers and administrative support, just for the personnel needed to care for these automobile accident victims who now have a resource to pay for what they need. The $150.00 per car per year allocation for the MCCA brings in over one billion dollars annually and is entirely funded by drivers for drivers. Spending around $800 million to give people what they need. The excess rolls over and grows. Insurance companies do not put any of their money into the Catastrophic Fund.

Florida intends to be the first State to adopt the Solution Model and end the suffering of its Citizens where, on average annually, there are more than 20,000 incapacitated auto accident victims. Please visit the website http://neurotraumaassociation.com view the PSA by Mitch Albom, view the free video, view the book, and view the Passion for Compassion Letter from the President.

Please write about this Solution Model and encourage Americans to view the free video.

The only reason other States have not instituted the Solution is ignorance. They do not know about it. We are going to do something about that. Please join us, let your voice be heard, download the PSA and share it with your local media & legislators.

Thank you.

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