In 1996 as The National Chairman for the Pediatric Brain Injury Prevention Campaign of the Junior Chamber of Commerce International Senate, I had written to President George H. W. Bush (41) amongst a constellation of other luminaries and one day I received a call from a Man who said he was the Presidents Speech Writer and did I have a moment to speak with the President, I was astonished and immensely gratified that the President said he had received my letter requesting him to produce a public service announcement promoting brain injury prevention and that he would be honored to do it!

Wow what a magnificent thrill to receive a call from President Bush and to receive his support for this very important issue. President Bush told me he would be in the studio on Thursday and would I please send him the script, his call was on a Monday, I told him I would prepare it immediately and he would have it on Tuesday, so that he may rehearse. We distributed 10,000 or so VHS copies to High Schools across America via mail, as well as television programs like Nickelodeon and Disney. Subsequently in recent years I had that format converted to digital media which can be shared via email or online by loading at websites, it is attached here. We did this project in concert with an educational campaign by Domino’s Pizza (coupon / flyer ) where if you wore your helmet to their store you got free breadsticks, for one month. We also collaborated with McDonalds and they provided trayliners as part of an educational campaign to get citizens involved with the Jaycees to help prevent brain injuries. I present this PSA today as a memoir of a beautiful result and as a reminder that great things can happen if we just try and ask. Please create a folder in your email and save this. Please share this with others as you may see a benefit.

John Gwynne Prosser II

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