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Quality Care Means A Focus on Living Instead of Surviving

One of the things that always made me laugh to myself when I was out running errands, meeting up in public with friends, or just cruising around in the community doing everyday activities was when strangers would approach me to tell me “how inspiring” I was or how great it was to “see me out”. I wondered what was “inspiring” about my shopping list or if there was some other place that I should be. When I was newly injured, over ten years ago, I used to get frustrated when strangers made comments that I felt marginalized me, or made assumptions about my capabilities as an individual, that appeared to be based solely off of someone else’s perceptions of what it meant to live with a disability. As I grew into my “new life”, added to my palate of experiences, and expanded my network of resources and peers; my feelings related to those random, public interactions began to change...

From a recent event, the Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder alongside John Gwynne Prosser II, and Representative Klint Kesto.

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